12pcs Easter Wine Package

12pcs Easter Wine Package


Outstanding village wines 2018 meet the current vintage 2019 of our regional wines in southern Styria. The package of 12 bottles of selected wines.

Each case with two bottles of:

Welschriesling Südsteiermark DAC 2019

SKOFF ORIGINAL Welschriesling Südsteiermark DAC is a wine with a stimulating, delicate taste of gooseberries, citrus fruit, yellow blossoms, lime and green apple with a refreshing fruity aftertaste—a pure pleasure to drink.


Weißburgunder Südsteiermark DAC 2019

SKOFF ORIGINAL Weißburgunder Südsteiermark DAC is a wine with an intensive and stimulating taste and delicate echoes of citrus, yellow fruit, a touch of peach, bitter almond, yellow apple and mineral notes. The aftertaste of citrus and yellow apple is stimulating.


Gelber Muskateller Südsteiermark DAC 2019

SKOFF ORIGINAL Gelber Muskateller Südsteiermark DAC is a wine with an intensive taste of elderflower, lemon, grapefruit and nutmeg. It impresses with its fruity finish and lingering notes of lemon and rose blossom—the ideal apéritif.


Morillon Südsteiermark DAC 2018

SKOFF ORIGINAL Morillon Südsteiermark DAC impresses with its inviting and prominent bouquet of ripe yellow fruit, stone fruit, juicy plum, hazelnut, blossom honey and mandarin orange zest. It entices the palate with echoes of tropical fruit and discreet hints of blackberry and cassis.


Sauvignon Blanc Südsteiermark DAC 2019

SKOFF ORIGINAL Sauvignon Blanc Südsteiermark DAC is a wine with a clear, juicy and delicate taste and distinctive minerality. Its aroma of gooseberries, elderflower, citrus, grapefruit and ripe pear transitions to a very juicy and mineral finish.


Eichberg Sauvignon Blanc Südsteiermark DAC 2018

Only a wine that has matured in Southern Styria can become as elegant and fruity a Sauvignon as SKOFF ORIGINAL Eichberg Sauvignon Blanc Südsteiermark DAC. It is ideal for lovers of fruity yet mineral wines.


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