6pcs Wine Package Ried Grassnitzberg


A selection of the best vineyard wines from our Ried Grassnitzberg. The package includes 6 bottles of selected wines.

Consisting of two bottles each:

Ried Grassnitzberg Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The aroma of the sun-ripened grapes of Southern Styria in SKOFF ORIGINAL Ried Grassnitzberg Sauvignon Blanc is enticing. Wine connoisseurs are delighted by elderflower and tropical fruit and the intensive scent of yellow pepper.

2 Flaschen Ried Grassnitzberg Weißburgunder 2017

SKOFF ORIGINAL Ried Grassnitzberg Weißburgunder is a strong, full-bodied wine that develops a fine aroma of ripe yellow stone fruit, walnut, hazelnut, a touch of pink grapefruit, mango and pineapple as well as elegant toasty flavours and a hint of vanilla bean in a glass. It has a balanced and elegant taste of toasted almonds, hazelnut, grapefruit, pineapple and a touch of pear quince. The finish is long-lasting with predominantly nutty and exotic notes.

2 Flaschen Ried Grassnitzberg Morillon 2017

SKOFF ORIGINAL Ried Grassnitzberg Morillon impresses thanks to its strong, elegant body and aroma of dried fruit, ripe pineapple, yellow stone fruit, toasted hazelnut, mango and papaya. An elegant body and delicate minerality in combination with a pineapple aroma and taste of fully ripe exotic fruit result in a long-lasting mineral aftertaste.

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