Skoff oriGINal Gin Set


The oriGINal Gin Set consists of four stylish, but stemless glasses from the new Riedel series. Finally enough volume in a glass to mix the best gin and tonic! The optical effect not only makes them absolute eye-catchers, but also increases their stability. Like all Riedel glasses, the gin set is dishwasher safe.
It is perfectly suited to give gin lovers access to the full aromatic character of the ingredients of the oriGINal.

Alc.: 47.0 % vol.
Bottle size: 0.5 l

Color: Clear. Nose: complex, fruity, aromatic, juniper, sauvignon. Taste: Great aromatic intensity. Finish: Long lasting, rich in finesse.

For perfect enjoyment, we recommend serving our Skoff oriGINal on ice with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

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