Philosophy Of Wine

Philosophy Of Wine

„Wine is life—our life is wine.“

This sentence reflects the tradition and passion of the Skoff family, uniting all the generations. Yes, and it’s true: We live for wine. Just as we are constantly striving for the highest quality. It is very important that each of our wines has its own character and develops its individual personality. That’s the only way we can reach our ultimate goal: to make each individual wine with all its special qualities into a masterpiece.

Introducing Walter Skoff – Mr. Sauvignon

Walter Skoff’s love of winemaking is ubiquitous and has turned into a passion concerningone type of wine in particular: He is enamoured with Sauvignon Blanc. It is not without reason that experts respectfully refer to him as Mr. Sauvignon. With fine feeling and in perfect harmony with nature, Walter Skoff manages to bring out the seemingly infinite facets of this type of wine like no one else does—without interfering with the authenticity of the grape variety. He draws on plentiful resources. Our thirteen vineyards include famous names such as Grassnitzberg, Kranachberg, Obegg and Hochsulz. Each has its own unique style—a paradise of flavours.