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The handpicked grapes for our SKOFF ORIGINAL regional wines (Gebietsweine) are aged exclusively in a stainless steel tank. The wines are dry, aromatic, fruity, very stimulating and 100% from Southern Styria.

Our SKOFF ORIGINAL village wines come from different vineyards within a single village and bear the name of the vineyard’s location. These locations have different characteristics depending on where they are situated, their altitude and soil, all of which have an effect on the aromas and typical qualities of the individual wines. By naming the wines after their village of origin, we pick up on an old tradition.

The handpicked grapes for our SKOFF ORIGINAL single vineyard wines come from slopes with a unique microclimate and special mineral soil structure. The wines have a distinctive fruitiness as well as a profound minerality. Our single vineyard wines are mainly aged in large wooden barrels and barriques but also in stainless steel tanks. They exhibit good aging potential.

For our Skoff Original Royal wine, the most physiologically ripe grapes are picked by hand and selected. The wine has a very strong body, mature fruitiness and fine wooden notes and very good aging potential.

All the red wines that we vinify are the Zweigelt variety. The grapes grow in sunny locations in light to medium soils. An intensive fruitiness develops thanks to the warm days and cool nights. The wines are aged for different lengths of time in a large wooden barrel and in used as well as new barriques.

The grapes for our SKOFF ORIGINAL Sekt come from different vineyards of our winery and are harvested at just the right time. They are then carefully processed and fermented at a cool temperature, which yields a base wine that is very fruity. This base wine is transformed into a sparkling wine using traditional bottle fermentation. The long contact with the yeast produces an elegant body with fine bubbles.

We vinify our Sauvignon Blanc Trockebeerenauslese only in years in which the weather conditions are optimal for producing high quality sweet wines. With care and commitment, we select the most suitable grapes from the upper section of our Obegg vineyard. Sauvignon Blanc Trockebeerenauslese has a wonderful acid structure that balances and refines the remaining sweetness. A special delicacy and elegance develops out of the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity.

The fruity, aromatic and very stimulating wines in our impressive “Walter Skoff” line, which is available exclusively at food retailers, also include a strong and aged vintage wine: Sauvignon Blanc Privat Selektion.

In our in-house distillery we process homegrown fruit into outstanding spirits, for our oriGINal Walter Skoff distills Sauvignon Blanc from his best vineyards in southern Styria.

Südsteiermark DAC –
The new designation of origin system

Single Vineyard Vine

Expression and potential of the best vineyards
Released after 1 May of the year following the harvest
Maximum residual sugar 4.0 g/l***

Village Wines

Local specialities
Released after 1 May of the year following the harvest
Maximum residual sugar 4.0 g/l**

Regional Wines

Regional diversity
Released after 1 March of the year following the harvest
Maximum residual sugar 4.0 g/l*

Manual harvest mandatory!

Authorized grape varieties:

Welschriesling, Weißburgunder, Morillon, Grauburgunder, Riesling, Gelber Muskateller, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer and Schilcher (Western Styria only) as well as their cuvées.

*Grape varieties Riesling and Traminer designated “dry”

**Grape varieties Traminer, Riesling “dry”; KlöcherTraminer also “medium-dry” and starting at the level of Prädikatswein (special quality wine) with no residual sugar limit

***Grape varieties Riesling, Gelber Muskateller and Traminer designated “dry”

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