Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The place where wine becomes art

In 1995 the wine cellar of our SKOFF ORIGINAL Winery was expanded through the addition of traditional vaults. The cellar has a special ambiance thanks to the historic bricks that were used. This impressive space houses not only our large stainless steel tanks and wooden barrels but also our special barrique barrel cellar. One special feature is the granite tank in which we age our exclusive SKOFF ORIGINAL Sauvignon Blanc Stoan.

Processing grapes—from vine to cellar

After the grapes have been picked selectively by hand, they are immediately brought to the winery and chilled. Next, they are carefully processed at 10°C in an oxygen-free environment to prevent the flavour compounds from oxidizing. The must fermentation time (time of contact between the juice and the flavour-rich grape skins) is adjusted to accommodate the different types of grapes and lasts between 4 and 24 hours. To determine the exact time when the grapes can be pressed, an experienced palate is required: We establish it by tasting the juice.

After the grapes have been carefully pressed, the grape juice flows into the cellar (by gravity alone). We start fermenting the juice (grape must) after sedimentation has occurred (natural removal of sediments—a clear juice remains). The wine is fermented at a cool temperature to encourage the development of the greatest amount of flavours.

Vinification—the art of winemaking

The vinification process significantly influences the development of the fruitiness and terroir of the wine. The grapes already contain all potential flavoursin the vineyard, yet it is only in the cellar that the special flavours of the wine arise and develop as the result of great know-how and experience.

While very fruity classic wines develop when the wine is aged in stainless steel tanks, sur lie aging in large wooden barrels (3,000l) and barriques brings out the minerality of soft and creamy wines with good aging potential. The toasty flavours obtained from aging in barriques support and structure the flavour of the wine.

Wine tasting and cellar tours

Wine tasting and cellar tour at our winery in Southern Styria

Our winery in Gamlitz is located directly on the idyllic South Styrian Wine Road. Enjoy the magnificent view of the gentle rolling hills where our vineyards are located and take a lookbehind the scenes! We would love it if you visited us to attend a wine tasting in our vinotheque.

Would you like to become acquainted with the place where we lavish our wines with love and attention? Then immerse yourself in our philosophy of winemaking by taking a cellar tour! At the end, you will have the opportunity to buy wines at special prices directly at the winery and naturally to taste them as well in our vinotheque!

Opening hours SKOFF ORIGINAL vinotheque and direct sales

Monday to Friday: 8:00–17:00

Saturday: 10:00–17:00

Sunday and holidays: closed

Tip: If you would like to take a cellar tour or attend wine tasting, please make an appointment!